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Richard Noel with my book
Richard Noel is a chapter in my book

Interviews with Beekeepers was launched in the busy beekeeping season for many and in the middle of a global pandemic. What was I thinking?!

It should be available at most online booksellers around the world, theoretically. The normal supply chain from printer to wholesaler to store (online or physical) may be disrupted, due to lock-downs, and in many places stores are not yet open again.

One option is to order my book (and download the e-book) from here – it’s the only way to get a signed copy. If you do that, it’s me dealing with the orders. For signed copies I have to send the book out myself. Otherwise I can arrange to have books printed closer to where you are so that turnaround times may be less. There are printing centres in the UK, USA and Australia.

Orders via are currently delivering to: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

Other Great Stores

Here are some of the other places that you can buy my book:

Northern Bee Books

Book Depository

Barnes & Noble



Amazon (of course)

Some Nice Reviews

I was one of the lucky people who won a copy of the book from Steve’s blog.

It’s wonderful, a totally unique publication which will be of interest to everyone on this forum. The first two interviews alone with Murray MacGregor and Mike Palmer are worth the price of the book. Learning from such experienced beekeepers who have tried and tested their methods in thousands of colonies over decades is something we don’t usually get in beekeeping books save a few older publications.

It goes on my shelf next to Manley’s ‘Honey Farming’ and Oliver Field’s ‘Honey by the Ton’ as a deeply practical book with lots of very useful advice – of course I’m assuming you have enough experience with bees in your local area to know what applies to you and what does not.

In addition it is beautifully printed and very entertaining.

Highly recommended by me.


Your has book arrived and I have enjoyed reading it, and have recomended it to a number of beekeepers who I hope will buy a copy as well.
It is a refreshing change from most other beekeeping books and an insight into the world of commercial beekeeping.

I read the chapter with Murray McG last night. Enjoyed it very much. He’s a very impressive guy, as I’m sure are all the characters you met. You’ve obviously got the right touch or this book would never have happened.
Well done and I hope it sells well.

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