Zoom Talk on Wintering Bees

This week I did a Zoom talk for the Suffolk beekeepers, which was fun. Well, as much fun as it can be for an introvert. Maybe the virtual environment suits people like me who shy away from big crowds and do better in a one-to-one situation. However, sometimes it’s good to know if people are nodding off, or shrieking with laughter at my hilarious jokes…but on Zoom talks, the audience is on ‘mute’.

Getting Bees Through Winter

Anyway, I split the recording of the talk into sections and shared the links with email subscribers to this blog. Here is a bit on getting bees through winter:

I’ll be treating hives with oxalic acid over the next week or two. The NBU have just sent out a starvation warning and a high varroa warning. It seems that the mild autumn has meant a higher consumption of stores than usual, and possibly more brood (and hence varroa). I’m pretty sure mine will be ok for stores, but there’s only one way to find out – visit them. The end of November is looking like a decent time for vaping.

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One thought on “Zoom Talk on Wintering Bees

  1. Stuart david Mackenzie

    Mine have been bringing in pollen for the last 4 or 5 days here in N.Wales, so I’ll be holding off with vaping for a few weeks yet.

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