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As I typed the title to this piece some music from my past drifted into my mind. Video Killed the Radio Star by Buggles, if you must know. Video didn’t just kill the radio star, it transformed everybody in the world with a connected device into a potential broadcaster. That seems to be going well for some people, especially owners of platforms. They get the benefit of huge audiences and advertising revenues without the level of responsibility applied to TV networks like the BBC or CNN. It’s changed the music industry completely, with YouTube launching many a successful career that started up in a teenagers bedroom with a laptop and a webcam.

Upping my game

Obviously my social media footprint is a tiny grain of sand in a universe of talent. I’m happy with a quiet life but I’m also getting some pleasure from sharing things that I have learned. Over the past few months I’ve had great fun doing Zoom talks to spread the word and interact with like minded souls.

In my area the weather is warming up, flowers and blossoms are blooming and the bees are getting ready to explode their populations. Time to make sure they have space! It won’t be long until I make up a cell builder and start grafting larvae from my chosen breeder queens. I need to up my game, queen production wise, because I have grand plans to sell a lot more nucs this year. I also want to re-queen many hives later on with queens chosen by me to be gentle, productive and healthy. That’s the plan anyway – one has to start the season an optimist.

Varroa Model

Here is a segment of a talk in which I try to explain how to use Randy Oliver’s varroa spreadsheet model:

Making a hive floor

And here is somebody who is not great at woodwork explaining about woodwork…making under floor entrance hive floors, actually

Happy Beekeeping!

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