Jolanta and the author

The Queen of Queens of Blairgowrie

One of the great pleasures that I derive from writing my book “Interviews with Beekeepers” is meeting the people that work with honey bees. Everybody that I have talked to on my travels so far clearly loves their work, and they are always willing to share their knowledge […]

Hives ready for winter

Meeting Mr McGregor

In preparation for my latest interview with another legend of beekeeping I decided to have a hair cut. Samli’s is a gents hairdressing establishment run by an engaging 59 year old from North Africa who I have known for about 27 years. He always shakes his customers warmly […]

gate in andalusia

This will Enhance Your Life

The great thing about me keeping bees is that my apiary is in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. It means that I get away from the city. I don’t entirely hate cities, and apparently the particular part of Manchester where I live is supposed to be very desirable, don’t […]

Out of Africa

A while ago I ordered one of those DNA test kits because I was very interested to see what they would make of my walrus heritage. I used the Genographic Project which is far from the cheapest, but I am a big fan of National Geographic and wanted […]

Remembering Buckfast

As Monday mornings go, this isn’t a bad one. There is a chill in the air which seems only right given the time of year, but the sun is shining and I am settling down to write something for my humble wee blog. Well, it’s a bee blog […]

Bee Sex!

Image source Yesterday I attended the Autumn Cheshire Beekeepers’ Convention and Honey Show at Forest Hills Hotel in Frodsham. As usual I stayed for the two morning lectures, ate a hearty lunch fit for a walrus, and left. The speakers were excellent. It is so beneficial to go […]

Bee Armageddon?

Typically, when I tell somebody that I am a beekeeper I get a big smile, then I get told how wonderful it is that I’m doing my bit to save the bees, because they are really struggling at the moment aren’t they? It seems churlish to tell them […]