Category: Bees do Nothing Invariably

Bees do nothing invariably, said Bernard Mobus, who knew a thing or two about them. We must be guided by what the bees are doing, rather than what we expect them to be doing. We must not do beekeeping by numbers, or by dates on a calendar. Bees have a habit of surprising even experienced beekeepers every now and then.

Bees on Ivy


Firstly, my dear Dad died last week. Apart from being a Dad, which is a pretty big thing to be, he was a loyal reader of this blog. Dads are meant to be supportive of their son’s endeavours, and mine was. I know that he learned a bit […]


The Perils of Late Supersedure

For those that do not know, which probably means all non-beekeepers, supersedure is what happens in a beehive when the bees make a new queen to ultimately replace the existing queen. The other way of doing this is by swarming. In supersedure, the bees do not swarm, theoretically, […]

A Cat

Schrödinger may have had a point

There is a saying which goes something like “ask 10 beekeepers the same question and you’ll get 11 different answers!” This makes things very difficult for anybody starting out as a beekeeper, which is why I would recommend taking some classes run by your local beekeeping association, normally […]