Category: Bees and Mental Health

Keeping bees is fun and helps my mental health. Mindfulness and meditation can help to ease our angst ridden heads. Once I open a bee hive I get lost in its wonders and other troubles simply drift away.

Walrus on a bee

Soul Walrus

We recently took delivery of a piano. My wife saw it in Forsyth’s in Manchester and, having declared it to be a lifelong dream to learn to play, persuaded me that such purchase made perfect sense. I have to admit; it is a thing of beauty. It’s a […]

Clouds near Porlock, Somerset UK

Beekeeping for Mental Health

There is not much point in looking good if you don’t feel it. Most of us want to be attractive, I think, but few people ever believe that they are. From my experience, this torment is most pronounced in the adolescent years and early adulthood. However, as a […]

gate in andalusia

This will Enhance Your Life

The great thing about me keeping bees is that my apiary is in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. It means that I get away from the city. I don’t entirely hate cities, and apparently the particular part of Manchester where I live is supposed to be very desirable, don’t […]

thyme honey

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

I used to be a “striver”. I was always striving for something. It never really felt that great, all that striving; it felt like I was running on one of those airport conveyor belt walkways but going the wrong way, against the tide so to speak. Everybody else […]